Create a Healthy Reality Starting with Real Food


Everything, actually, has been positively impacted by working with Shelly!  Before working with her I was feeling bloated, uncomfortable and stressed.  Now I'm cooking at home, exercising, eating less processed foods, less sugar and have lost weight.  I generally feel much healthier and my relationship with food has changed forever.The transformation of slowing down and introducing structure into my life has overall elevated my happiness.  I feel as if I'm in a happy bubble now and no one can puncture it!

Irene Pappas, Freelance Taxonomist

As far as I'm concerned everyone should work with Shelly - within 10 days of working with her I was able to see clearly what foods were affecting my joints! The process of working with Shelly involves critical problem solving that leads to life-changing results. The reinforcement of what can be done based under her guidance takes everything up a notch or two or ten! Being held accountable is so valuable.

Stephanie Nickels, M.A., EMDR II Certified Therapist

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